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Purdue Agribusiness - (In Person) Analyzing Agribusiness Financial Dec
  • Purdue Agribusiness - (In Person) Analyzing Agribusiness Financial Dec - 0

Purdue Agribusiness - (In Person) Analyzing Agribusiness Financial Dec

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Purdue Agribusiness - (In Person) Analyzing Agribusiness Financial Decisions

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In a world of tight margins and dynamic marketplaces, financial goals are gaining increased visibility throughout all aspects of the agribusiness value chain. Today, it’s more important than ever for non-financial managers to understand how their decisions impact company profitability. During this three-day interactive program, Drs. Brady Brewer and Jaclyn Kropp will provide you with an increased understanding of key financial ratios needed to analyze the financial standings of your business, how to help customers see a return on investment in your offerings and much more.

This program is designed for non-financial managers seeking to develop their understanding of business from a financial standpoint. Attending this program would be beneficial for anyone possessing decision-making responsibilities in their organization, especially agribusiness managers and directors making operating financial decisions that impact near and long-term outcomes of their firm, those with sales and marketing responsibilities working with farmers and agribusiness customers, and those with financial responsibilities seeking to enhance their knowledge of decisions specific to the agriculture and agribusiness industries. Past attendees have included leaders responsible for managing and maintaining budgets, capital purchases and personnel costs, or other decisions that affect the company’s bottom line.

For questions about this program or more information on who should attend, please contact Emily Hoeing at or (320) 260-6987.


  • During this seminar, you will:
  • Learn to link your daily decisions to company profitability.
  • Connect your product and service offerings to customers’ profitability.
  • Clarify financial terminology and enhance your communication with financial managers.
  • Apply practical financial tools for examining profitability to relevant agribusiness industry situations.
  • Discuss the current financial market and its impact on agribusinesses.


  • Financial Analysis Relevance for Agribusinesses: Learn from Practical Case Studies
  • Balance Sheets, Income Statements and Cash Flow Statements
  • Thinking Like an Agribusiness CFO
  • Earns, Turns and Returns on Assets
  • Cash Conversion Cycle, Accounts Receivable and Inventory Turnover
Debt Leverage and Return on Equity in Food and Agricultural Business



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Purdue Agribusiness - (In Person) Analyzing Agribusiness Financial Dec