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Purdue Agribusiness - (Hybrid) Strategic Agri-Marketing
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Purdue Agribusiness - (Hybrid) Strategic Agri-Marketing

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Purdue Agribusiness - (Hybrid) Strategic Agri-Marketing

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Creating an integrated and cohesive marketing strategy has many moving parts, and every marketing decision has implications on the overall marketing plan. For example, how can you efficiently allocate your company’s limited resources with confidence across multiple functions related to your marketing plan? During this three-day program, Scott Downey and Justin Funk will help you develop a more strategic approach to marketing, build marketing models with measurable results and integrate variables that meet both the marketing and financial objectives of your agribusiness. You’ll have the opportunity to directly interact with fellow participants and faculty through group discussions, case studies and activities.


During this seminar, you will:

  • Explore positioning, targeting and segmentation strategies;
  • Learn to develop and manage brand strategies that communicate your organization’s value;
  • Discover how to manage marketing of products, product lines and services through the product lifecycle;
  • Design and manage marketing channels that add value to buyers and sellers;
  • Learn how to address management issues in distribution systems;
  • Measure and calculate price elasticity to develop profitable pricing strategies;
  • Explore components of an integrated communication approach; and
  • Learn to manage the promotion mix to achieve reach and frequency goals.


Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

Learn qualitative and quantitative methods for segmenting the market and identify effective targeting and positioning strategies that provide real focus to an integrated marketing strategy.

Product Line and Brand Strategies

Explore the elements of brand including the characteristic, personas and promises that are derived from them. Additionally, structure a framework to effectively manage your company’s products and product lines through their lifecycles.

Distribution Strategies

Discuss compensating and motivating channel members, measuring performance and dealing with channel conflict and discover effective approaches for dealing with management issues in distribution systems. You’ll also learn how to design and manage distribution systems (marketing channels) that are cost effective and meet the needs of targeted customers.

Price Strategies

Dig deep into the foundations of pricing and learn how to measure and use price elasticity to develop effective pricing strategies. You’ll also consider how and when to use cost-oriented, demand-oriented or competitive pricing.

Promotion Strategies

An integrated communication program is essential, but how can we be sure our promotion efforts achieve goals? Learn techniques to model marketing decisions and estimate the likely outcomes of various strategies before they are implemented.


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Purdue Agribusiness - (Hybrid) Strategic Agri-Marketing